Lipari is a volcanic island in the Tirreno Sea, just north of the Sicily. It is the largest island of the Aeolian archipelago.

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Villa Miele

Family Standard Lipari | 4 to 8 persons. From €70 / night

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Villa Miele.

Sitting on Monte Guardia, immersed in the exclusive and uncontaminated Mediterranean bush, Villa Miele is hidden among the bougainvillea and broom plants that surround it.

All boundaries between inside and outside are cancelled. The large windows that overlook the stunning expansive views and the surrounding nature bring all that breathtaking beauty indoor.

The decor is straightforward and efficient, with many references to the tasteful Aeolian tradition: from the decorated kitchen tiles to the terracotta floor that evokes the warm color of the earth.

The raised living area provides an awesome flow of movement to the structure and offers a wonderful sight.

The villa can accommodate up to eight people.

Discover the discreet and peaceful charm of the Aeolian Islands.

It's time to enjoy the Aeolian islands. Welcome to Villa Miele.

Bee-autifully made honey

In a unique location surrounded by spontaneous and uncontaminated flora

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