Bee-autifully made honey

miele di lipari

The company “Honey of Lipari” was born from Gianni Iacolino’s experience and passion and love for nature. It’s settled in the greenery and overlooks the wonderful view of the urban center of Lipari in the Aeolian Islands.

Gianni’s beehives are placed in a unique location surrounded by spontaneous and uncontaminated flora and the honeybees tirelessly work all day among the plentiful sources of sweet and fragrant nectar.

In a few simple steps Gianni harvests the honey without affecting any of its beneficial properties and without adding anything to it.

With this spirit, since 1992, the company produces honey with natural nutritional properties.

During on-site visits you can also taste locally produced wine and find yourself inebriated by the intense scent of lemons.

All this is topped off with an amazing scenery that makes the island of Lipari a unique place, where fragrances, healthful values and authenticity are guaranteed.



Mixed flower honey, natural wax. Lemons and seasonal fruit.

Visiting days and time: telephone reservations are welcome by calling the number: +39 3381903731


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